Submit files for mastering

File formats:
➩ WAV or AIFF stereo files
➩ 16-24 bit / 48k-192kHz resolution
➩ Label the tracks with “songnumber_songname”
➩ Include a document with tempo and aditional info about the songs
➩ Include some reference music
➩ In the case of mastering from stems, label the stereo files with “songnumber_songname_instrument-group-name”
➩ In the case of mastering for vinyl. Take great care of not adding to mutch low end in the mix and avoid any psychoacoustic stereo-imaging
➩ Always check mono compabillity when mixing
➩ Make sure there is some headroom (around 3 – 6 db) on each track (no clipping)
➩ Archive all files into a .zip file

How to submitt the files:
➩ Upload the file to Dropbox, Google Disk, icloud or similar fileshare provider
➩ Make a shared link awailable for us to download the project

You can book a real time mastering session with us. We use Zoom and the listento plugin to comunicate with clients over the internet.